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Our Mission

Our mission is to create transformative art and apparel to educate, empower, and inspire anti-racist action in the hopes of creating a more just society.

A CMC Story

Chase My Creations was founded by Chief Justice Chaser, Chloe Longmire. What started as an earring side hustle has now transformed in a full time passion project.

Our Vision is to one day be a leading brand that spreads messages of justice, love, and compassion as we journey toward a more equitable future.

CMC is a brand that’s meant to be heard. We make our stance known
and believe there’s no neutral position when it comes to racial and social justice. We’re unapologetic in working towards liberation and equity for all. You can find us at events in our community proudly selling our goods, turning heads and challenging everyone who passes by to think critically. We challenge others to speak loudly and stay true to themselves.

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Donate Banned Books

As a part of an ongoing initiative, we are asking for our lovely Justice Chasers to donate any and all banned books. We are starting with the 30 titles that were apart of the recent Menomonee Falls Book Ban List and more to come! Your donations will be used to keep our Little Banned Books Library stocked and to distribute to local high school students and other organizations as requested. Please keep checking back for updates!